How to write affirmative action plans

A detailed graphical or tabular chart, text, spreadsheet, or similar presentation of the organizational structure may be used to display the required information.

Periodic diversity audits can help your organization stay on track with affirmative action goals. An organizational profile is a depiction of the staffing pattern within the company.

Trainable refers to those employees within the organization who could, with appropriate training that the company is reasonably able to provide, become promotable or transferable during the AAP year. Write an introductory statement providing a short overview of the company, headcount, and any significant changes in employment over the past year.

This is the most difficult and time consuming piece of the Affirmative Action Plan, unless you utilize a system such as HRSource.

The affirmative action plan is only required to be submitted to the OFCCP if requested during a periodic compliance review.

Affirmative Action Plans for Nonprofits

Larger companies may be required to subdivide the EEO-1 categories into smaller job groups. Jobs included in a job group must have three elements in common; i.

Legal or consulting help can be useful in this situation. Employers must submit both personnel activity and compensation data by job groups Employers may submit E. Separate affirmative action plans are required for 1 Individuals with Disabilities, and 2 qualified, covered Veterans "covered veterans" include disabled veterans, veterans who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized, veterans who, while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, participated in a United States military operation for which an Armed Forces service medal was awarded pursuant to Executive Order No.

Affirmative action is designed to fight discrimination affirmatively — that is, to encourage positive actions that address the consequences of past and current discrimination. The survey asks employers for detailed information, categorized by minority status and gender, regarding: What Is an Affirmative Action Plan.

Neither of these plans require goals or statistical analysis. According to the clause, contractors are required to ensure that applicants and employees are treated fairly regardless of gender, religion, race or origin.

Whether due to a grant requirement or simply a desire to have a diverse workforce, an affirmative action plan details the ways in which your organization will attempt to proactively recruit and promote underrepresented groups defined in this context as racial minorities, women, veterans and people with disabilities.

Treat the Affirmative Action Plan as a liability document that can be used against you. A problem may arise when an OFCCP auditor tries to perform pay analysis by salary grade in situations where the same salary grade may contain a wide array of job titles e. What Is an Affirmative Action Plan?.

affirmative action plan adopted by (insert employers names or employer group name or association) as required under title 29, code of federal regulations, part 30 amended may 12, developed in cooperation with the u. s. department of labor office of apprenticeship. Writing an affirmative action plan that fully complies with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements is a breeze with our award-winning Affirmative Action Plan.

The affirmative action plan is required for both the federal contractors and the sub-contractors have to have the contracts with the executive department or branch. Writing an affirmative action plan that fully complies with OFCCP’s requirements is a breeze with BLR’s award-winning Affirmative Action Plan handbook.

How To Write An Affirmative Action Plan

That's because its practical samples and step-by-step advice give you everything you need in one easy to use handbook. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to resolve the problems to the point that an affirmative action plan is no longer needed.

4). Designate key employees. Your plan should include the names or roles of each person who will evaluate and oversee the implementation of your plan.

How to write your affirmative action plan Affirmative action plans typically adopt the language of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), an official list of rules and regulations published by the U.S.


How to write affirmative action plans
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